Sarahbox 2.0

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An easy way to access your smart OSD devices.

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Gateway in between

Connect your 6LoWPAN devices to the internet.

Complete IPv6

Direct access to smart devices using IPv6.

Free as in speech

Image builder released under the MIT license

Get started

After flashing the sarahbox image, connect your device to your network and power it on. Sarahbox usines DHCP for IPv4 and a static IPv6 address abbb::ba27:ebff:fed5:438a, you probably want to change this.

Current releases are not able to announce their routes yet. You can test your setup using static IPv6 configuration:
ip addr add abbb::ba27:ebff:fed5:4242/64 dev eth0
ip route add default via abbb::ba27:ebff:fed5:438a

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